Cheerful and fun, free and indipendent, they are marked by a strong sense of humor.
They don’t struggle to make friends gather support. Spiritual, in search of the meaning of life; they have a strong attraction for the mistery and the inseplorate situation. They are made to love with constancy and dedication. With bipolar character: in costant controvery for their own ideas.


Sensuality, passion and magic; indicates a rapid capacity for trasformation and trasfiguration.
Between power and ambition, it infuses courage and self- confidence: the shade of love.
A color in absolut harmony with a sign with a very strong erotic charge.


The agate favors spiritual growth and bodily resistance,renewing power and protects from the excess and the stress , thanks to its ability to bring harmony. It improves the psychophysical balance and helps to make important decisions in everyday life.