Corageus, they dare where others don’t risk, they always are ready for new challenges. In love are audacious and passionate, they are in search of emotional stability that can compensate for the desire of freedom. They tend to be an enlightened leader, altruistic and sensitive to the requests of others . They are rebel with a strong character, a lover of travels and exploration; in continuous matamorphosis.


The turquoise is an euphoric and tranquilizing color,it is capable of removing sad and negative feelings. Precisely for this reason it is associated with help, compassion and goodness.
The Sagittarius assumes all the characteristics of color, becoming an example to follow.


Useful both in love and in the profession, to broaden the understanding of oneself and of others; it reinforces the sense of individuality on one side, on the other it helps in social interactions. It relieves depressive states and strenghtens the immune system: considered the stone of purification.