The most sensitive of the signs , they manage to understand emotions: they live friendship with strong intensity , emotional sensitive and funny, in love an incurable idealist, they see an opportunity in the mistake. An eternal dreamer with a frenetic and vibrant interior life, deeply attentive to words. Creators of a whimsical disorder, with the typical fantasy of femininity, they adapt to the unexpected.


Fresh and serene color, it is capable of transmitting tranquility and protection: it help to control the mind, give clarity to ideas and to be creative. It is associate at the Pisces sign, that is wise, deep, loyal and intelligent.


The name of precious stone refers to the ocean and is connected to the water nature of the Pisces. Figure the emotional realm; the deep waters; to prevent the sign from getting lost in emotions, the acquamarine calms the anxieties and contrasts the negative forces, stabilizing the humor.