Dinamic and outgoing spirit, a concentrate of sensuality difficult to handle. The sign of the communication: they love to talk , compare and verify the ideas. They are enterprising in the new frienships, they are in first line for to express its own vitality. The gemini look and listen everything, they are fascinated by the chance and the human relationships.


The orange rappresents  the degree of sociability of the sign, it is devoted to altruism and comparison. It incarnates the union of the opposites, it is the result of two colors from the opposit simbolism: the red and blue. It is to wear to combat the humor  changes.


The topaz has the function of to controll the emotionality and spirituality. It stimulates the typical curiosuty of the sign limiting its superficial aspects. It help the metabolism, it quiets the passional excesses and it encourages the pleausure of knowledge.