They have a great self dicipline and they have a strong determination, elements that allow them to aspire to power, they are an intellectual, the sign of solid buildings and big projects.
Ambitious and motivated, they are reflexive and silence heremits: they must face loneliness to overcome obstacles. Good taste, fine taste and a very good sense of elegance: theyhave a huge cult of success.


The black is the color of the mistery and protection. It trasmits silent , infinity, confidentiality and isolation. The Capricorn has all of this characteristics: it’s austere, ordered, loves solitude and inner life, it sees slearly beyond darkness and confusion: dark and deep, stable and sensitive.


The Malachite and the Jade can to help the Taurus to regain physical strength after any kind of dissapointment. Furthermore, this stones can considered like great keychain in love, especially in moment of intimacy.