Romantic and dreamer, they put feelings and emotional ties to the first place.
The family and sons will always be at the center of his world. Fairs and kinds, they are in search of security. They take care of what makes them happy and they have  the tendency to be protected, this  is the most humble and reserved sign of the zodiac.

Color: WHITE

The Cancer has the white of purity, that expresses serenity and well being, innocence and goodness. 
Meditative light , it guide in the development of his innate psychic abilities.
A color that expresses peace and tranquility: a bright life


The mother of pearl help to limit the excesses of the feelings and the sensibility, it appease anxieties  and fears. It  sweeten, calm and bring the balance: it get along with Cancer’s maternal energy. Favoring protection, it attracts well being wealth for the wearer.