Generous, lively and talented, they often use their skills to help others and get involved in discussions. Patient and tolerant of excess, they manage to make friends in any situation; even the most unlikely. Always availaible for comparison and they are open to new experiences, a trusted and tireless worker: they are a experimentatores who face life in a creative way, with the desire to change and renew itself.


The color symbolizes creativity and sensitivity, for a sign with an oper mind and a noble heart. A spontaneus predispotion for violet indicates rebellion aganist what is commonplace and trivial, it inspires the idea of escape, remains at the edge of everything that surround and it escapes from compomises.


It improves the ability to pay attention to important things and stimulte cognitive processes. It is an excellent rebalacing of the nervous system, a natural calming to release from tension; supporting emotional stability in general, the amethyst is excellent for meditation and study.