Gold plated 925 Sterling silver ring with white zircon pavé and rose Swarovski® crystal

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Product care
Brosway jewels and watches were born to be worn every day and on all occasions. For this reason they don't require extraordinary maintenance, but they are given some simple care, care gestures that preserve their beauty and splendor over time. Normal daily use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution level, contact with cosmetics and skin perspiration can help reduce the brightness of steel, silver or leather surfaces and to modify the original appearance of the surface finishes present in some models. Discover more

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Brosway jewels and watches were born to be worn every day and on for every occasions.




gold galvanic plated


Swarovski© Elements crystals, zircons

Precious Stones:

Swarovski©Elements Crystals

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Technical details

925 silver, also known as sterling silver, is a valuable alloy and widely used in the jewelery industry. Its combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of any other metal makes it a durable material, appreciated and also indicated for allergy sufferers, as it does not contain nickel.

gold galvanic plated
The galvanic treatment consists in the electrochemical deposition of a thin layer of a metal or an alloy that modifies the surface properties of the jewel, for example improving its corrosion resistance characteristics. All our brass jewels are sprinkled with a layer of rhodium or gold through the electroplating process, in order to ensure greater luster, the appropriate color and slow down the natural oxidation of the silver.

Swarovski©Elements Crystals
Swarovski® elements are loose materials made of crystal with precision cutting and composed of quartz, sand and minerals. The splendor of these glass stones give exclusivity and glamor to any creation, and their unique brilliance makes them immediately recognizable by imitations. Only certified Swarovski® Elements crystals are used in Brosway jewelry.


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