When will my credit card be charged?

The charge will be made when the product is shipped.

Is the purchase in your store safe?

The data provided are not forwarded to third partes. All data received are subject to strict data
protecton regulatons. The transmited data will be used ecclusively to ofer a personalized service
and to facilitate purchases and navigaton. The use of cookies is done to customize and adapt
products and services to customer wishes. The user can stll choose whether to enable or disable
cookies, without negatvely infuencing the course of future transactons.

Are my personal data safe?

The fow of data transmited by the user, such as the credit card number, are protected and
encrypted thanks to the use of partcular system protocols (SSL). To protect customer purchases by
credit card, each order will be asked to enter the CVV code. Thanks to this security system, the
Customer's credit card data will be totally unreadable to third partes.

Can I choose day and / or delivery tme?

Unfortunately not, it is not possible to choose a specifc tme and day. All orders are processed
automatcally and we are not able to change shipping and delivery tmes.

How can I track my order?

When the order will be shipped you will receive a tracking code of the order and the web address
where you can follow online the status of delivery of your shipment and know the ecpected date
on which you will receive the order.

How long does it take to deliver?

Bros Manifature srl guarantees delivery within 6 working days for orders placed from Monday to
Friday before 3.30 pm.

Deliveries take place during ofce hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


Where can I find the return shipping address?

The return must be sent to the following address "Shop in Bros c/o Bros Usa Corporaton LTD, 169
East Flager Street, Suite 1022 Miami, FL 3313".

Can I ship with a diferent courier from the one that gave me the order?

The customer can choose any courier to make the return. Bros Manifature srl is not responsible
for any thef or loss during the transport; we suggest to choose a type of traceable shipment.

Can I receive a refund on a card other than the one used for the order?

The refund can be made only by the same credit card of the payment.

How long will a refund be required?

Bros Manifature s.r.l. will proceed with the refund within 30 days, only when the goods are checked and all the requirements have been respected.

Did you receive the products I returned?

Depending on the shipping method that you have chosen, it may take up to 15 working days
(excluding weekends and holidays) for your return to reach our warehouse.


Do you ofer a repair service?

Yes, we ofer a 2-year warranty for purchased items. This warranty covers manufacturing defects
and material defects due to normal use.

Each defectve item covered by warranty will be ecamined and evaluated by the technicians in
charge. The product can be repaired or replaced with an identcal product. If an item is not covered
by the terms of the warranty, the company ofers a paid repair service.

How long does the warranty last?

All our products are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. The coverage of this
warranty does not cover damage caused accidentally, due to carelessness, tampering with agents
or sales personnel not authorized by Bros Manifature srl, unauthorized repairs or any other factor
not linked to material imperfectons and invoice.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and material defects as a result of normal use.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and material defects as a result of normal use.Is warranty repair free?

Yes, the repair is free

What are the fees for non-warranty service?

For assistance services not covered by this warranty, the service center will perform the service at
a rate that varies depending on the model and the type of work required. Rates are subject to
change. Bros Manifature will send a cost estmate based on the request for assistance.

How can I take care of my jewelry?

For the normal cleaning of the jewel use a sof dry cloth or dampened only with cold water.
Do not clean with detergents or chemicals, hot water or ultrasonic systems.
Do not submerge in water and do not use in the shower. Avoid touching the jewel with hot water.
Do not ecpose to eccessive heat. Do not leave the jewelry ecposed to the sun for a prolonged

I can not log in to my account. What should I do?

If you cannot log in to your account, it is may that you have not confrmed your registraton. Check
that your e-mail has received the "confrm registraton" e-mail and click on the link to confrm.

To purchase, do I need to create an account?

You don't need to be registered in order to purchase. You can also buy as a guest, naturally
providing the data necessary for shipping and invoicing of the goods.

I have not received the registraton confrmaton email, what should I do?

If you have not received the confrmaton email, please contact us in the dedicated form, it could
be a trivial technical problem.