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Sacred Heart:

ENGRAVINGS:Everything starts with a dream (fronte) – Tutto inizia con un sogno (retro)

The pierced heart reveals goodness and charity; the Crown is a symbol that represents victory, honor, and dignity; the Cross is a cosmic symbol, the center of the world and the connection between heaven and earth; Fire is transformation, purification, ren

316L stainless steel, rose gold PVD and rhodonite.

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Born and Designed in Italy | Brosway Italia
Product care
Brosway jewels and watches were born to be worn every day and on all occasions. For this reason they don't require extraordinary maintenance, but they are given some simple care, care gestures that preserve their beauty and splendor over time. Normal daily use and external agents such as air humidity, temperature, pollution level, contact with cosmetics and skin perspiration can help reduce the brightness of steel, silver or leather surfaces and to modify the original appearance of the surface finishes present in some models. Discover more

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Brosway jewels and watches were born to be worn every day and on for every occasions.


Stainless steel


rose gold pvd


natural stones

Precious Stones:




Size Bracelet:

Ø 70 mm

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Technical details

Stainless steel
Brosway uses 316L stainless steel for its jewels, also known as surgical steel, a hygienic material, resistant to stains, scratches and easy to clean. In particular, the chemical composition of 316L stainless steel makes it a hypoallergenic product, resistant to the corrosive effect of sweat, dust and moisture.

rose gold pvd
P.V.D. are films of very thin metals that are obtained by physical vapor deposition. They allow to obtain very high hardness, resistance to salt fog, corrosion, aggression from atmospheric agents and products for industrial and domestic use. Moreover, the possibility of obtaining different types of colors, non-toxicity of the product and total absence of environmental impact of the production cycle, complete its fundamental characteristics.

Usually of pink or dark pink color, the rhodonite is a stone characterized by a vitreous luster, which can sometimes present light veins in black. Among its most well-known benefits is that of helping to bring peace and harmony where there is conflict, while also promoting understanding and friendship.


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