Miami, FL (October 26, 2018) – Brosway, the Italian fashion jewelry brand, participated in the JIS Show in Miami, that took place from October 19-22, showcasing exclusive jewels and watches from both their Men’s and Women’s collections. Brosway confirmed its creativity presenting new styles for the ever-discerning global customer.

Inside the show, the new splendid collection created in collaboration with the influencer Veronica Ferraro was presented for the first time. Along with Veronica Ferraro’s collection new styles have also been presented included those such as Corinto, Affinity, Chakra, Clint, Magic and new Tres Jolie. Brosway’s collections offerings strengthen the brand’s position within the marketplace and attracted many new clients.

Brosway arrived to the exhibition in Miami with an already strong positioning and great dedication towards its growth in the U.S. market. JIS stands as an incomparable part in a much larger brand strategy to internationalize and in the world’s most relevant market, the USA.