On October 26, at the Nirvana Resort Beijing in Daoxiaughun Road, Brosway together with four other international brands, sponsored the 23rd China Bentley Culture & Media Co together with the China Fashion National Associations and Professional Models Committee, could be seen live on the tencentm.v.qq.com channel.

Twenty-five models took part in the competition wearing beautiful creations of the brand including Affinity, Chakra, Olivia and Victoria. There was an audience of 600 people, 110 among televisions, newspapers and websites, 8 international judges from France, America and China, 1 million 240 thousand contacts that watched the live event, 8 million views and 5 million fans for the influencers chosen by Brosway – these are the figures of the most iomportant and followed competition in China.

Chairman Lanfranco Beleggia attended the event and went in stage to award the ten aspiring models selected as finalists with jewelry and watches from the latest collections.