A Family passion

For more than two decades, Brosway, a trend-setting jewelry brand from Italy, has crafted jewelry that embodies the love, passion and beauty of effortless Italian style.

The brand’s array of jewelry offerings include fashionable rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, and bracelets featuring the finest colorful crystals.
Brosway brings its Italian style to the U.S. market through its first-ever e-commerce platform showcasing the brand’s new #MadeOfItaly campaign. The launch of the e-commerce platform is aimed to expand the brand presence in the United States. Now bringing directly to consumers its highly designed fashion inspired jewels, Brosway looks to encourage self-expression and personal style.
Brosway’s mission to celebrate Italian style is reflected in their new #MadeOfItaly campaign, which is directly inspired by the fashion influences from all across Italy and captured by the brand’s vibrant designs and lifestyle.Interpreting the latest fashion trends with premium quality materials, Brosway specializes in designing pieces that celebrate the ultimate personal look, whether mixing and matching or wearing a unique creation that elevates one’s style.

Featuring silver, brass and stainless steel, Brosway jewels reflect the blue skies of the Amalfi coast, the fiery reds of Roman sunsets, and the vivid greens surrounding Lake Como. Capturing, mirroring and celebrating ‘la bella Italia’ with the most vibrant crystals, Brosway Jewels honor the various eclectic styles of Italia, from north to south, east to west.

At Brosway, we are #MadeOfItaly

About Bros Manifatture Group
Bros Manifatture Group is a family company founded in 1979 in Italy, in the Marche region, and is the owner of several jewelry brands: Brosway, fashion jewelry and watches, Pianegonda, contemporary luxury jewelry; Rosato, fine silver and gold jewelry and watches, S’Agapò,fast fashion stainless steel jewelry. To learn more about Bros Manifatture, please visit http://www.brosmanifatture.it/

Lanfranco Beleggia 

“My dream come true” My adventure began over 40 years ago, and I am very proud of the success and results we have achieved so far.
How I imagine the Company in the near future? As a modern, dynamic and leading Company that can interpret market trends and define new standards of excellence in the creation of fashion jewelry. I imagine it brave enough to know when to leave the paths traveled by everyone, undertaking new ones, perhaps difficult and uncertain but that can make the difference and, above all, leave an indelible mark. I imagine it capable of transmitting enthusiasm, passion, the desire to grow and, why not, also a little bit of my ambition and intuition the necessary requirements to compete in such a complex and fast-paced world and market.

Maurizio Beleggia
Marketing Manager

“Changing market rules”
Fashion and trends are changing at an increasingly faster pace, and this has led to an increase in the demand for easy-to-wear products. We have been aware of the type of products that can change market rules for a long time. Jewelry once was a luxury product and has now become a unique, sophisticated accessory. To reach a high social status, it is necessary to change styles, wearing a different piece of jewelry at each moment of the day. It is an epochal change: the market is changing, demands are changing, and we must act now if we don’t want to be late.

Valerio Beleggia
Product Manager

“Today I will create something truly unique”

Research and development are at the heart of the Company. Every day, together with my team of internal designers and external collaborators, we search for real benefits that customers can get from jewelry, learning how to observe a product with the eyes of a potential buyer. A continuous design and analysis process aimed at searching new products and new trends. We believe that quality means creating and giving the right value where, when and just as promised.

Beatrice Beleggia
Press Media & Export Manager

“Taylor-made communication”
Communication, one of the greatest strengths of the Company, is targeted to support the four brands: Pianegonda, Brosway, S’Agapõ and Rosato. Our goal is to personalize communication differentiating the message and addressing it to the four reference targets. We are close to the trade and especially to consumers. We try to strike a chord with them through a global media mix of distinct brands, including large-scale events held across Italy and abroad.