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promo bracelet charity jewelers for children
promo bracelet charity jewelers for children
Brosway supports JFC, the jewelry industry’s charity that provides helps to children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse or neglect.
We have always been very careful and sensitive to Social Initiatives with Corporate non-profit Organisations that work for social responsibility.
This year, Brosway decided, to support Jewelers for Children through the creation of a Limited-Edition Chakra bracelet.
“We have decided to collaborate with Jewelers for Children”, says Beatrice Beleggia CEO of Bros USA Corp,” because for a Company like ours it is an ethical duty to support fundraising so that charities,such as Jewelers for Children, can continue their valuable work of helping children.”
The Chakra bracelet jewel is available at the future fundraising events by JCF as well as on Brosway.us, and at authorized dealers jewelers and on the e-commerce.
All the proceed will be donated to Jewelers for Children.