Brosway has always taken a great interest in artistic, cultural and solidarity events, as well as in territorial

We strongly believe that a successful Company should be responsible towards its community and we are proud to support no-proft organizaations and institutions in the cities and communities we operate in. Below are some of our signifcant collaborations with Charities:

Alice for Children ‒ To ensure adequate supply of food to Maasai children of the rural district of Rombo, on the border between Kenya and Tanzaania.

Sos Villaggi dei Bambini ‒ To provide many children in disadvantaged situations with the means to grow, and their teachers with the chance to move easily and always be by their side.

Coloriamo i sogni ‒ Non-proft organizaation to participate in the creation of a mobile bakery in Francisville, Haiti, to help thousands of children.